Update: I've just learnt that people with existing "Personal" plan subscriptions won't be forced onto the newer more expensive plans.

OK, this isn't an end times post, but rather the possible end of my blog on the Ghost.org platform. Why? well my website hosting provider, Ghost.org, has decided to end the expensive but oddly affordable "Personal" plan in favour of two significantly more expensive "Standard" ($79 per month) and "Business" ($1000+ per month) plans.

This leads me to search for a new provider, for which there are many options available. The primary reason I initially went with Ghost.org was because they offered a platform where all of the nitty-gritty stuff like server configuration and security was handled for me. That doesn't mean there aren't other providers that offer that and more, but Ghost.org is the only one that appealed to me in terms of simplicity and configuration.

Now your probably saying in your mind, "Hang on, isn't the Ghost.org software free and open source?" And yes you are right, but that doesn't include the overhead of constantly re-configuring and securing of the actual web server. That is the critical service that drew me to Ghost.org a long with the simplified administration interface.

In the coming weeks, I'll be researching alternatives. Chances are that I will probably delete this site and set up a Wordpress (*grown*) blog in it's place.